Lace Bobbins, Downton

Style - LBDTN
Lace Bobbins, Downton
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The Downton laces are in essence a regional variation of Bucks Point. 

The shape of their bobbins is designed to make joinings easier. The small tail is inserted in the loop of thread, which then opens to the widest diameter of the bobbin, and everything above that thickest point is able to slide through the thread.  Downton bobbins do not seem to have been decorated, relying on their woods to lend variety or color to the pillow.

These are closer to a Bucks size than a Midlands in length, chunkier than a Honiton bobbin.

Due to the fine thread these hold, a fine grained wood must be used. Email to find out what is available.

They are not meant for spangling and will NOT be drilled!



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