Fiber Tools

Diz, Diz threaders, Nostepinne, Tie Off tools and more


    • Diz


      A Diz is used when preparing fiber to spin.  Drafting the fiber through the hole helps line up the individual hairs, producing a finer thread when sp…


    • Diz Threader

      Diz Threader

      Plucking fiber through that hole in your diz can be made easier with the use of this little tool. Put it through the hole, tuck some fiber through the…


    • Nostepinne


      Used for winding center pull yarn balls, this Nostepinne is 10 1/2 inches long, 1 inch at its thickest and tapering down to 1/2 inch.  A slot is cut …


    • Scissor Guard

      Scissor Guard

      Protect your scissor tips in style with a wooden turned tip.  Made to fit embroidery scissors, these contain rubber inside to grip the points.  T…


    • Seam Presser

      Seam Presser

      This is a tool requested most often by quilters and seamstresses. The pointed end is used to guide fabric through the machine while sewing.  The 45 d…


    • Spinner's Jewelry

      Spinner's Jewelry

      A little fun necklace for the spinner.  This project came about from a wish to save some small slices of nice colored burl. The whorl may match the …


    • Stiletto Pendant

      Stiletto Pendant

      A handy tool that looks great too, the stiletto pendant can be used for many things. Picking a knot out in tatting; pushing fabric in quilting or sewi…



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